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My name is Lasse Christiansen, i'm born in 1971, and lives in a small city in denmark called Glumsų.

I love to make electronic and a lot of programs. Mostly i make programs in HTML, ASP, C(++), Pascal, Visual Basic and Delphi, but master a lot more programming languages. Electronics is another hobby of mine. I have made a lot of things for my old C128, C64, Amiga 500, PC and many many more interesting things. My plan is still to make a electronic section on my own homepage, but some projects will come on our alivecrewpage

I have been in Alivecrew from the beginning, when i was founded in 1990.

My first real touch of computers was in 1982 when my uncle had borrowed a small personal computer from his work, i was an Lambda 8300 with a Z80 microprocessor. At this time this computer was new and almost cost 2000 danish krones (234 dollars) only for the computer without TV/monitor, taperecorder and joystick and more.
2-3 month later i got my own Lambda 8300 (YES), and at front of the lambda and my parrents tv i have spend a LOT of hours. I dont know haw many but MANY! Since then i got a C128, C64, A500 and lots of PC's
Now i dont think i could live without a computer, the internet, a soldering iron and the rest of the Alivecrew. They are great guys, and we have spent a lot of time together, and until now it have been some of the best time of my life.

In my sparetime I drive with RC cars (Remote controlled cars) for fun, and play music as a DJ on Danish nightclubs, and some mobile discoteques when a great party are around.
I also like attending computerparties. The first big party I have joined was "The Party'92 - The Final" in 1992. This was a big party in Aars Denmark, with almost 2500 people from all over the world.
Now a days, I am one of the organizers, on one of Denmarks small, but best computerparties ( with almost 50 people every time.

Alivecrew - The spirit of the future!

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