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My name is Jesper Rasmussen I am 30 years old and living in Ringsted with my wife (Stine to whom I have been maried to for many years) and my two children Victoria and Alexander.

Well actually it started before that. In my early years I begged my parents for a Philips Videopack I just wanted it SOOOO MUCH. My cousin had one and I had played on it and was determent that I to should have one.
My parents make’d so many executions like “the TV can’t take it” and when that didn’t help “you will go blind” but eventually they gave in and I got my Videopack. ! It was so nice. Believe it or not, later I sold it but a year ago at a family party my cousin told me that she was getting rid off the junk in her basement including the videopack. IT’S MINE KNOW !
The first real computer i played with was at Einsteins home when I was 9 years old. His father had a Sharp MZ-700 witch we used to make basic demos when his mother thought we were sleeping. Later when Einstein got a MZ-800 I used that to.
Unlike other machines (C64/Amstrad) from that age it didn't have a ROM with basic. You had to load it and that took 3 min. Later, after i got my own C64, I starded making grafix (mainly diskcoveres) for the cracker group The Depredatores.

I guess Einstein and I was the first in school and our little town to program computers. The grownup’s really didn’t have a clue what we talked about when we was discussing the best way to make a joystick control system in Sharp basic... I remember when the father to a friend of mine was showing off his new TV. He knew that I was interested in technical stuff nad the TV had Text TV (TTV) and in 1982 it must have cost him a LOT. When he showed me the texttv the only thing I said was... “how do you program it” !

In the early 90s. I had my share of Amiga500 power. This was mainly used for gaming but also logo design using Deluxepaint (see the gallery). Eventually I swapped my Amiga500 for a PC.
This was a 386SX 16MHz with a ET3000 (512Kb) and 40 MB harddisk...The cabinet was a Winner, a BIG tower thingie which was maybe a bit to big and heavy.

Nowadays I don't do programming anymore (well maybe a little bit of basic on my Sharp MZ-800..thanks Einstein) instead i do web design, video editing and hardware/software reviews. Besides that I try not to get in the way when my co members in Alive are messing around with solder iron and electronics.

My main gear list is like this:

P4 2,6 GHz 512 MB DDRAM3700 (HT-on)
80,40,80 GB Maxtor HD (Video and system)
Sony videomonitor (8")
Hitachi 19" Color videomonitor
ADVC-100 DV converter connected to my DVRaptor
Dell 3xi

At 8 BIT gatherings I mainly use:
Sharp MZ-800 with taperecorder and a 3½" floppy drive (WOOOOW)
C128 with a 1471 Floppydrive and a Philips 14" colormonitor

10 sin
20 goto Hell

Shamran / Alivecrew